4 days in China

I recently did something extravagant. I went on holiday. My mother, who lives in Scotland, (who I miss terribly) was to be in Hong Kong for business, and she suggested that I should come and meet her and we could go on holiday together. My mind raced, where could we go on an adventure near Hong Kong?? Vietnam? Thailand? China?? Ive always had a little fascination with China, mainly as Ive never been and done a lot of shoots with the Chinese in NZ, so I did a bit of research into where was cool to see in China near Hong Kong. To my delight Google came up with Guilin and the town of Yangshuo. This place looked insane, soaring limestone mountains, huge rivers and rice paddies as far as the eye could see. I was sold, rural China and Yangshuo it was to be. We had 4 days and no idea where to start. Lucky for us we had a guide, Andy (who I cant recommend more if you go to this area! a guide is a must to get the most out of a short trip). I won’t bore you with the details of our girls trip, but what I will say is that this part of China was breathtakingly beautiful, from the people to the mountains, the rivers and the agriculture. Not what you’d expect from a country of 1.4 billon.

The Longji Rice terraces
Ping’an village



Locals market in Yanghuo


Traditional fishing on the Li River – they use the cormorant birds to catch the fish!