North Face shoot on Franz Joseph Glacier

Last week I was fortunate enough to be invited to shoot for North Face on a trip to Franz Joseph Glacier, on the West Coast of New Zealand. Franz Joseph is one of NZ’s largest Glaciers and at 12km long it almost comes down to the Tasman Sea. It was a trip guided by Adventure Consultants, with North Face team skiers Janina Kuzma, Fraser McDougall and Tom Dunbar. Being filming as part of The North Face Quest shows was Neil Kerr of NZ Skier magazine and mountain guide filmer Hugh Bernard. Armed with quite the team of professionals it was set to be quite the trip. We had a very short weather window and as soon as a storm cleared we were in the chopper on our way to Centennial Hut high on Franz Joseph.

Flying into the mighty Franz Joseph Glacier

Her ferocious jaws ready to swallow you whole!

Looking out over the top of Franz Joseph Glacier from Centennial Hut
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Sheep shearing and heli skiing

I thought I would share a few snaps with you from my past few weeks adventures. I  have been very busy over the past month and a half with heaps of winter photo jobs on. With two weeks shooting the NZ Winter Games for Getty Images, followed by a photo shoot cat skiing with  Queenstown Snowcats, then straight into shooting the park side of The North Face Freeski Open. Then a wicked heli photo shoot for The North Face, with Harris Mountain Heli and Aspiring Guides. And squeezed in between a catalog park shoot for Atomic! So a bit of time in helicopters and a lot of time in the mountains has made for a good productive winter so far. I thought I would share some slightly abstract areal photography with you, snapped from the chopper as we flew. I love flying over the Kiwi farms, checking out the landscape and stock roaming amongst it!

Flying up the Matukituki River towards Mt Aspiring. I love NZ…

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Scandinavian Photo Challenge – My winning slide show

I know it happened a wee while ago, but my winning slide show has only just gone on line, to co-inside with the release of Dirt Magazine’s massive feature on the Scandinavian Photo Challenge. The Scandinavian Photo Challenge is part of the Are Bike Festival, held every July in Are, Sweden. One of my all time favorite action sports photographers Mattias Fredricksson very kindly invited me along to compete as one of 5 invited photogs. We had three days to shoot with our chosen team of bikers (Swedes Lina Skoglund & Linus Sjoholm and Kiwi Steve Murphy, hence ‘Team New Swealand!)  using the beautiful mountain of Are, and its 38 trails. We then had a day and a half to edit together a 5 min slide show, which premiered on the final gala night, judged by a panel of highly respected judges, from magazine editors, journalists and photographers.
I was up against some extremely talented and esteemed bike photographers:
Mattias Fredriksson, Sweden –
Markus Greber, Germany –
Kristoffer Kippernes, Norway –
Grant Robinson, Canada/UK –
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Snow Park shoot with Jossi Wells

Sorry for silence lately. I have been busy working with Jossi Wells over the past two weeks, shooting for the new Atomic 2012/13 catalog. Amongst this, local filmmaker Tim Pierce has been shooting the Wells family for his new documentary, Winter of Wells. It will be out shortly so watch this space. To see the trailer, check out Tim’s blog
So, Tim organised a chopper to shoot Jossi and his brothers, Beau-James and Jackson for the day at snow park, with a gimbal camera rig (a swanky camera mounted to the bottom of the heli, all controlled inside by the man that is Tim Pierce, and flown by incredibly talented pilot Alfie Speight, who has flown many a chopper for film shoots, including work on Lord of the Rings) It started with an early morning pipe session, with a perfectly cut empty pipe, glorious light and a sled for fast laps.

Jossi soaring while his brother Jackson and father Bruce watch…

Bruce zips Jossi back to the top of the pipe
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Air New Zealand – Advertising Campaign

A quick update. I have just been in Greece for a cheeky wee holiday with my family and a very welcome break from my computer (most of the time!) and am now back in London before heading to Paris next week and then on to Sweden to compete in Scandinavian Photo Challenge in Are, hosted by a favorite photographer of mine, Mattias Fredrickson.

Martin Place, Sydney
I wanted to share with you a few photos from a recent ad campaign that many of my winter images from New Zealand were used in. Air New Zealand ran an ‘exhibition’ in Martin Place Station in the center of Sydney’s CBD. My photos were amongst the work of Tony Harrington and Dan Himbrechts. To check out all the images that ran, go to

Each shot has a ‘plaque’ next to it with the information about the shot. If you have a smart phone you can scan in the QRR code and listen to an audio guide about each shot. Clever eh!?
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Fashion Shoot for Christina Perriam Merino

Just before leaving for the UK (where I am now for a month) I had a fashion shoot for Christina Perriam Merino new 2011 winter range. We had the very talented Julia Atkinson of Studio Home Online styling the shoot, Kelly Anderson on the make up and a beautiful autumn Central Otago day. Christina’s Merino label is inspired by the merino sheep grown at her family  farm of Bendigo Station. She has developed a stunning range of clothes sold on line and at the Merino Shop in Tarras. Using some of Bendigo’s paddocks and old sheds, The Point Farm and Ardgour Road we had a ton of brilliant locations to chose from.
I really enjoy doing fashion shoots, for something different and a good challenge. Here are some of my favorite shots from the day

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Stargazing at Lake Tekapo – A weekend away with my camera

Last weekend was the first weekend of clear calm skies in quite some time. My boyfriend decided to take me away to a place that  we had both driven past hundreds of times on our way North, and never taken the time to visit. Mt John Observatory is one of the worlds best places to star gaze. NZ’s largest telescope, and a number of astronomical studies happen here, looking out over the aquamarine Lake Tekapo. There is very little light pollution, and NZ has incredibly clear, unpolluted skies making it perfect for checking out the unknown universe. We had chosen a cracker of a night, with no moon, and the day after a strong Southerly wind (which clears out the atmosphere apparently!), the skies were unbelievable. We departed at 9.30pm on a tour with Earth and Sky up to the Observatory.

Lake Tekapo under the Milky Way, taken with Canon 5d Mk II, 14mm 2.8, ISO 800, f2.8 for 30 seconds
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Lake Wanaka Tourism photoshoot – Wilkin River

Last week I did a photo shoot for Lake Wanaka Tourism at the breathtakingly stunning Wilkin River and Siberia Valley. Wilkin River Jets took us where we needed to go with their jet boats and helicopter, you cant really fail to have a good time with a jet boat and a chopper! I had been looking forward to this shoot for a while and finally the right, clear sunny day was apon us and with a flurry of last minute organising to rally up the models, clothing (thanks to Icebreaker for supplying clothing) , food and a game plan we were ready to do it… With a good crew of people up for modeling, Darvs as our easygoing heli pilot, Danielle and Hayden behind the wheel of the jet boats, blue skies, everything was teed up to be a cracker of a day…

Wilkin River jet boating…
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Motatapu Triathlon – Lake Wanaka

Motatapu Triathlete swimming through glassy Lake Wanaka
I was asked to shoot the Motatapu Triathlon on Saturday, by race organisers Iconic Adventures. This is the first ever triathlon held as part of the massive Motatapu Race, which thousands of cross country mountain bikers and runners compete in each year, through a stunning piece of private land from the shores of Lake Wanaka through to Arrowtown, near Queenstown.
The triathlete option was open to a very limited number of people, as it was the first year of running. The race started with a 2km swim in Lake Wanaka at the stunning glassy Glendhu Bay, followed by a 47km cross country mountain bike ride through the Motatapu to Arrowtown, finishing up with a 15km run on the Miners Trail…. I shot photos of them doing their swim, as well as the 2000 mountain bikers leaving for the race. Just thought I would show you a few photos…

Triathletes getting ready

Warming up…
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Revealing Lake Wanaka – A film about me by Tim Pierce

A client of mine, Lake Wanaka Tourism, has commissioned local filmer Tim Pierce to make a series of short films on people who live and work in our wonderful wee town of Wanaka, NZ. This months film was on myself. Tim has done an amazing job, check it out here.