A very Kiwi Christmas – Air New Zealand

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I was asked to shoot stills on another Air New Zealand campaign, this time a summer film shot by the talented boys at Wanaka’s production house Two Bearded Men. The clever guys at Host¬†advertising agency in Sydney had cooked up quite the concept¬†for this shoot. It involved some cute children from the local town of Portobello near Dunedin, Santa Claus, the worlds biggest Christmas tree, a giant eatable candy cane and some presents given out by Air NZ’s own cabin crew. What could be better than this in the life of a 6 year old excited for Christmas?? Their reactions as the magic unfolds…



I thought I would share some behind the scenes snaps with you which help illustrate what a mammoth effort was put in by all. It was very cool to have a heap of Wanaka talent involved in the shoot. Tim Pierce & Toby Crawford of Two Bearded men directing, filming and producing the shoot, Jase Hancox and Will Lascelles from Colab¬†2nd cameras, Piers Harding camera assist, Loz Ferguison of Pop Creative and Casey Teat on art department, In Light Wanaka on lighting, Tony Young of Queenstown on the aerials…

A very Kiwi Christmas
The Pyramids near Portabello, Dunedin – Can you see the people carrying the star up the hill? Thats how big the Christmas ‘tree’ was
Air New Zealand cabin crew
Air New Zealand cabin crew looking sharp

A very kiwi christmas

Otago Peninsula, Dunedin

commercial shoot for air new zealand
Star of wonder…
commercial photoshoot for Air New Zealand
Children wait excitedly not knowing anything of what will happen next
A very kiwi christmas, Air New Zealand campaign
The kids a bit over excited now that Santa has arrived…


Commercial photoshoot for Air New Zealand
Priceless reaction as the cute toothless little boy flicks the switch to reveal the giant Christmas tree, do you think he wished for his two front teeth???


Pyramids Dunedin

Meanwhile in new zealand - Air New Zealand kiwi christmas
Meanwhile in New Zealand :: A very Kiwi Christmas
Two Bearded Men
Will Lascelles, Tim Pierce and Jase Hancox all getting the shot
Air New Zealand
Present time
Huge christmas tree
Thats a wrap