Life’s greatest adventure

Welcome to my shiny new re-jigged website! A lot has changed in the past year, so with that I thought so should my website with a fresh new look and an announcement that I’m officially back into doing multi day shoots!!


So you may, or may not, have noticed that I’ve been a bit quiet of late. It turns out that I’ve embarked on life’s greatest adventure. Becoming a parent… I managed to do photoshoots up until I was just over 8 months pregnant, which proved pretty challenging toward the end, I think I took for granted how much I move when shooting photos. I had to turn down a bunch of fun shoots which I found extremely hard, both when being way too pregnant, and having a new born bubba. But my priorities began to change as I transitioned into the worlds hardest job, being a mum.

Big Mumma

Big Mumma… 38 weeks pregnant.


On the 14th January 2016, our son Alfie was born and changed everything. They say that anything worth doing is never easy and that is certainly true of my limited experience of being a parent. He has sent our world upside down in a terrifically challenging and magical way and we wouldn’t change a thing. Welcome Alfie!

Our new lives as parents began in Dunedin Hospital
Our new lives as parents began in Dunedin Hospital
A.J.R one day old.
2 weeks old


The little man learnt how to suck his thumb at 6 weeks old! He hasn’t stopped since…
Bath time with Dad


Our lives as parents, drool and all
Hanging out on our fabulous Wanaka Living wool rug

Alfie is now nearly 9 months old and I’ve been ‘back to work’ for a while, which has been a challenge as I’m still breast feeding. I manage to steal a few hours a day while he sleeps and in the evenings to keep up to date with emails etc, and have been doing full day shoots locally since he was 5 months old. I have done multi day shoots away from home by taking him with me, with the kind help of friends and family which has been so fun but challenging!

On location with Mum
On location with Mum in Canterbury… Thanks to my client Macpac for the snow suit!!
9 months old and charging


Next week I head away for a multi day recce shoot, with out my side kick, and its going to be the hardest thing being away from my wee buddy!! But it has to be done as I’m ready to get back on the horse and stuck into doing what I love, asides from being a mum. So please take a moment to take a spin around my refreshed site, check out new imagery and let me know if you find anything annoying about the navigation!!

I would like to thank F-Stop Gear adventure camera packs, Peak Design and Smith Optics for their ongoing support over the years. Their gear is invaluable to what I do, and I cannot recommend their products more!

Huge thank you also to Steve Honey for painstakingly re-hashing and making my website pretty again.