Lismore Bike Park Wanaka

Last week I organised a night photo shoot in the Lismore bike park in Wanaka, and invited some of the local kids to come down and ride. I had to get a series of lights and a generator, to make sure they could see when riding, so after being hooked up by kind friends with the gear, Olly Champan at Kipor Generators, and Kris Mayen for the lights I was ready to go. I had the idea a while back to do a night shoot, and wanted to test it out to see what results I could get, and now its made me hungry to do more… We met at 9pm and set up the lights and waited for dark. About 10pm I started to shoot… Unfortunately one of my riders had injured himself that day and had 8 stitches in his arm, so wasn’t able to ride.

This was the scene after all the lights were set up. I was shooting on the hip you can see in the far right.

It took me a while to find an angle and light combination that I liked, using my Elinchrom Ranger Quadra was perfect for this shoot. It is triggered remotely by the skyport system and I can be quite far away from it, giving me massive opportunities to get creative! Here are some of my experiments.

Greg Cochrane – I didnt really like this angle or light at all, so moved away…

Elmo Cotter, I liked this light, but the jump looks small, and there was something not quite right about this angle.

Greg Cochrane – I liked this angle so stayed and shot here for a while. I like the light on the trees, and the dramatic shadows

Wanaka local Elmo Cotter was stepping it up and spun for the first time over the hip and I got a wicked shot I am stoked with (which I cant show you I’m afraid!….) Once I knew I had a banger in the bag, I was happy to call it a night. This is often the way, a lot of time and organisation goes into a shoot. But it makes it all worth it when you click and you know you have one shot to take home.