Melbourne and something different – Fashion shoot for DYou Disney Magazine

About a month ago I got an email from an Italian Stylist Valeria Rossi. She was interested in working with me for a shoot for a Disney Magazine called DYou. It is new a teenage magazine out of Italy and is international from January. So before long I was on another plane on my way to the hip city of Melbourne. The first shoot was ‘New Year’ themed, and Valeria had a wicked location for this. The Eureka Skydeck. This huge skyscraper is the Southern Hemisphere’s highest public viewing platform, at 88 stories up the view is quite spectacular. A perfect place for a New Years party.

The view from 88 floors up, with the mirrored side of the building that creates quite a illusion

I have not shot too much fashion before, and the shoot was to pose many difficulties. An amazing location, to be shot at night, with a lot of glass and mirrors around. I was pretty nervous, as we only had one chance to nail the 4 shots needed by the magazine that week to come out in January 2011 issue. We headed up for a test shoot the day before to check out the light and timings.

A cheeky wee rainbow showed its face as we waited for sundown.

We watched the sunset over Melbourne and we were lucky to get such an incredible sunset. Thanks Melbourne, it was quite spectacular.

Valeria in the corner that we chose to do most of the shots in. Checking the night light… Beautiful.

On Monday we were all set for the big shoot. Valeria had all the clothes, models, hair and make up artist and location sorted. All we needed now was for me to get the shot. Gosh.. it was scary knowing all her hard work and organising all came down to me getting good photos. We were up there at 5.30 for the models to get their hair and make up ready, testing lights, cornering off a part of the skydeck for the shoot as there were still a number of public up there.


The crowd watching (the sunset) and curious to what we were up do in our space.. I am not used to a crowd!

The four teenagers, modeling their outfits styled by Valeria who is making last minute adjustments. This set up with the 2011 balloons was to be the double page spread opener…

Everybody was ready just on sunset as I set up the lights and we were good to go for when it was dark. I checked my flash and the lights we had hired for reflections in the glass that surrounded us. It was not going to be easy. There was all sorts of things reflecting in the glass, from emergency exit signs, TV’s, me, the crowd… We didnt have much time for each shot so the pressure was certainly on. It was also a challenge to get the kids sharp, while allowing enough light in to see the epic city lights behind. Soon I was on the tripod and having a longer exposure, asking the models to be still, but still natural. It was a real challenge, but we did it. The last double page spread shot was to be in the ‘Edge’ a small box that they hang out over the edge, with a glass floor so you could see through to the ground below.  The last shot ended up being the quickest and my favorite.

It was a tiring night but good fun, and we got the shots needed for Disney… In their words ‘Bellisime’

There was to be two more shoots, one on Mornington Peninsula beach with its wicked colourful beach huts, and one at St Kilda Pier. Check back soon for the rest of my Melbourne adventure!