Melbourne – Part two of the Disney Fashion shoot

I thought I would start with a couple of snaps shots I took during my stay in Melbourne that make me smile

The Skydeck at sunset with its viewers, watching the city be put to bed…

A lady chilling out on a bench at St Kilda

For the second shoot for DYou Magazine, Valeria had some more awesome ideas. She had found another amazing location out on the Mornington Peninsula, an hour outside of Melbourne. The beach has really colourful huts along the golden sand. After a lot of organising on Valeria’s behalf, we were there, ready to do the shoot after the models had got out from school. On arrival I was disappointed that the skies had turned gray and it was starting to rain. The huts stood in their glorious colours, but the scene was dulled by the dark sky. I have to say I was pretty disappointed, as it was such a cool location for a beach/bikini shoot, but it was raining… and there was no way to re-schedule.

Mornington Peninsula in the rain. Valeria takes cover!

After the girls had their hair and make up done it was about 6pm. We didn’t have many hours of daylight hours left! But someone was on our side, because as I set up the sun began to crack through the clouds leaving us some wicked light. The rush was on and we worked very hard to get all four shots done before the sun disappeared.

Valeria doing some touch ups to the girls styling…

Set up and clothes change…

Setting up for the last shot. We had about 10 mins before sundown, and it was really tricky to get the shot nailed in that time!
We just managed to get the shots done in time before it was dark. The last double page spread was at sunset, and made a really pretty shot. Two down one to go!

The last shoot was at St Kilda, out by the beach in the center of Melbourne. Valeria had found two locations, the first at an old 1950’s theme park Luna Park. There was a wicked entrance to the park, and we used ice creams as props to get the girls relaxed and moving. I love the colours and vibe to this shoot.

We then moved down to the St Kilda Pier to get the last few shots of my trip…

The last shot of the trip.. Home time.