Milford Sound paddle board photography adventure

Summer has seemed to slip past me, with so much exciting work on that I didn’t have time to fulfill some of my personal projects I had stashed in the back corner of my brain. When I saw an empty few days in my calendar, along with some beautiful weather I decided to make one of these adventures happen; stand up paddle boarding in Milford Sound… How serene would that be??? Personal projects keep me inspired, and allow me to keep growing as an artist. With nobody to tell you where to be and what to shoot, its up to you to shoot what you want, how you want. This time Milford was my canvas, and my great friend Roo Stanford on her paddle board, my model. Kitted out with some awesome new Mons Royale threads to keep us warm in the cold April air, we were on the 5hr drive to this incredible part of the world deep in Fiordland National Park.

The Road to Milford Sound
The road to Milford Sound, Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

If you have not driven the road to Milford Sound, do it. And do it in the day time! its spectacular.

Apparel photography for Mons Royale merino
We couldn’t help stop and marvel at the view…
Lifestyle photograph on adventure
Roo in her Mons Royale mid hit hoody
Last rays of light at Milford Sound
Last rays of light at Milford Sound
Classic photo of Milford Sound on sundown
Classic photo of Milford Sound on sundown

We arrived just in the nick of time to go for a quick sunset paddle, it was a little choppy but still stunning. We set out on our boards none the less and shot a few photos before we lost the light. I had a dry bag on the front of my board and carefully took my camera out when I wanted to shoot.

paddle boarding milford sound sunset
Paddling into the sunset… We even had a few seals come play with us
paddle boarding adventure Milford Sound
Sundown in Milford
We couldnt camp so decided to have a romantic candle lit dinner on the shores under the stars
We couldnt camp, as the campsite had shut for the winter, so we decided to have a romantic candle lit dinner on the shore
Milford Sound under the stars
Milford Sound under the stars

This little passion project of mine was totally worth the 10 hr return drive. It was a risk, it could have been windy and I didnt know much about paddle boarding in Milford, or even if it was allowed. We chatting to an old salty dog boat captain, who looked at us strangely when we said what our intentions where. He then proceeded to tell us that ‘Paddle Boarding hasn’t made it to Milford yet…’ After a bit explaining he told us where we could launch from, where we absolutely couldnt go and what route the tourist boats took, so we were prepared when the large vessels left the ports heading our way. A small person on an inflatable board isn’t too much of a match for a large people carrying cruise boat!!

Early morning glass
Early morning glass launching from Deep Water Bay
paddle board adventure photography new zealand
Roo finds the first rays of light to warm her up
adventure photography Milford Sound New Zealand
SUP milford sound new zealand
Pretty awesome to be out there when it looks like this…

None the less it all paid off and was totally worth it. I love having these type of photos in my portfolio, simple and intoxicating, don’t you want to be Roo? I do, and I was there! It was so marvellous being able to paddle on this glassy fantastic water, surrounded by mountains soaring out of the ocean and hanging glaciers with waterfalls beneath them. No wonder they say New Zealand is God’s country…