Red Bull Illume finalist – Top 50!

About two weeks ago I got an email from Red Bull International informing me of the massively exciting news that I was a finalist in the prestigious Red Bull Illume Image Quest. Having made the top 250, I was aware I was in with a chance, but never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would make the top 50 out of 23,000 images! That’s a 0.04% chance! But I did. And I was the only female in the finals. With this news I had 5 days to find a flight and get myself to Ireland and Dublin for the large awards night and party, I had a lot of organising to do. With the kind help of United Travel Wanaka and Emirates, I was able to get there.

It was this image of BASE jumper Josie Symons that one me a place at the finals. Taken at Rob Roy Glacier, Wanaka NZ. Check out my page on Red Bull Illume to find out more about the image…

The unveiling of the 50 winning images, illuminated in Trinity College Dublin for the first exhibition stop. So stoked to have my image amongst these.

After 35 hrs of travel, 6 airports and 5 planes I was in Ireland. Not alone on my quest I had my parents and Beanie Milne Home from Faction Skis, my wonderful ski sponsor, with me. With my army of comrades I was ready to face the awards and interviews, bask in my glory and meet the other talented and prestigious photographers. So stoked to be up on the list with such massive names in the action sports photography world.

My name is there, honest. Squint and you may be able to see it!

I’m there (again squinting may be required) amongst a sea of men and a few lady judges…

So after a few TV interviews before the night kicked off, we were ushered into the large banqueting hall in Trinity Collage Dublin. Here the ceremony was soon underway and the top five of each category were introduced and a category winner announced. There were 10 category in the competition, and the top 5 out of each were the finalists, which makes up the 50.

After the awards were handed out, the overall winner was announced, Chris Burkard’s stunning surf image from Chile took the over all title. It was my favorite image and I was so stoked to see it win. Congrats to Chris!

After night fell we were then allowed outside into the courtyard of Trinity Collage Dublin to view the top 50 images, all illuminated on 2m tall light boxes. Very proud and quite overwhelmed I stood next to mine, taking in peoples reactions…

Me sitting next to my image! Credit: Red Bull Illume

Trinity College Dublin, the light-boxes look stunning in this arena.

My image

After the crowds had subsided a little, I was interviewed by a number of different people and TV crews. I have no idea when/if I will see them but I felt very important none the less! Before too long the exhibition for that night was over and it was time to go onto the after party… Red Bull after party?! Ill say no more.

The exhibition is open in Dublin until the 11th Sept, then will be touring the world… Keep your eyes out. I am in Scotland until the 12th, taking some R&R time and getting back on top of my world that got turned upside-down (or right-side up I guess!?) over these past two weeks! Back in Wanaka on the 16th and back to the remains of winter… Watch out for more adventures winter. I am not finished with you yet.

I thought I would leave you with a wee visual story of the views out of my various aeroplane windows. Enjoy. Thank you for reading.

Leaving my house in Wanaka

Flying into Dublin, Ireland

Aaaaah back to the homeland. The lowlands of Scotland.