Milford Sound paddle board photography adventure

Summer has seemed to slip past me, with so much exciting work on that I didn’t have time to fulfill some of my personal projects I had stashed in the back corner of my brain. When I saw an empty few days in my calendar, along with some beautiful weather I decided to make one of these adventures happen; stand up paddle boarding in Milford Sound… How serene would that be??? Personal projects keep me inspired, and allow me to keep growing as an artist. With nobody to tell you where to be and what to shoot, its up to you to shoot what you want, how you want. This time Milford was my canvas, and my great friend Roo Stanford on her paddle board, my model. Kitted out with some awesome new Mons Royale threads to keep us warm in the cold April air, we were on the 5hr drive to this incredible part of the world deep in Fiordland National Park.
The Road to Milford SoundThe road to Milford Sound, Fiordland National Park, New Zealand
If you have not driven the road to Milford Sound, do it. And do it in the … Read Full Post

A French ski trip to Japan…

Some time ago French free skier Sarah Martinias contacted me to ask a few questions about skiing in Japan. I have been on 4 ski trips to the land of the rising sun and every time I go back I swear its not my last. Even though we hadn’t met, Sarah and I cooked up a plan to go shoot a story for French media in the Nagano region, as this is my favourite place to ski in Japan. With any trip comes months of planning, organising, emails going back and forth. I was to meet Sarah along with free skiers Fabrice Dompnier, Frank Bigourdan and snowboarder Marion Gouwy at Tokyo Airport, all ready to start a two week ski adventure deep in the Japanese Alps. I arrived in Tokyo the night before my new French friends so took it upon myself to visit Tsukiji Fish market. This is the worlds biggest fish market and it happens in Tokyo every morning, you have to get there early and I was there to watch the organised chaos unfold from 5am. Unfortunately the tuna auction was closed the morning I went but there was still plenty to look at. I find it pretty sad … Read Full Post

Hiking the holidays in New Zealand’s Southern Alps

With silly season comes visitors a plenty to our wonderful town of Wanaka. Us locals welcome the holiday makers with open arms, but chose to take this time away from our town to let the visitors enjoy where we are lucky to live in year round. This year me my husband and some friends headed into the hills on a couple of different treks. Firstly an overnighter to the amazing Brewster Hut on the Mt Brewster Track. This is a pretty steep 3 hour climb straight up from the car park at Fantail Falls off the Haast Pass. It climbs steeply through the amazing native beach forest until you pop out of the bush line and spend another hour or so wandering up to the Brewster Hut. The hut overlooks the Brewster Glacier which is one of the most studied glaciers in NZ due to its easy access.
Brewster Track above the Haast Pass, Southern Alps of New ZealandThe Brewster track is just stunning!
Hiking in Mt Aspiring National parkAbove the bush line you are rewarded with the most spectacular views over the Haast Pass and surrounding mountains
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A Paddle Board adventure on Lake Wanaka

Wanaka seems to breed talent. This tiny South Island town may appear like a quaint holiday destination to many, but under the service you will find a pool of talent that rivals any big city; from photographers, film makers, entrepreneurs, chefs, artists and athletes…. So when I met Stand Up Paddle Board World Champion Annabel Anderson recently, who is from Wanaka, I was fascinated to hear her story and take her out and shoot some photos. After all why not? The best in the world in her home town of Wanaka, whats not to love about that story?
So with some epic weather coming our way we cooked up a plan to journey on our boards to a beach in Lake Wanaka where you can only get to by foot or water. Packing up my dry bag with a tent, sleeping bag and some grub we set off to Damper Bay, one of my favourite spots in Wanaka. I was a little nervous as I’m very new to this sport and we had a hefty 10km to paddle, with gear, up the lake into a what turned into a white cap head wind! this was hard work!
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From nature to your plate, foraging for food…

At the weekend me and my husband Tim, Flo our dog and my sister and brother in law headed to the hills in search of a mini adventure, a bit of escape and to forage for some food to fill our freezer in time for Christmas. Equipped with our tents and sleeping bags, some grub and a stove, a gun and some bullets, we ventured out into the hills not knowing what we’d find or where we would lay our heads that night. This is one of my favourite things to do, head out into the unknown, well prepared for any adventure that may come your way. The weather was questionable but armed with waterproofs and warm clothing we were ready for anything.
Adventuring in nature near WanakaTim and Flo ready for anything…
Deer are an introduced species to New Zealand and have become quite a pest over the years. There are huge deer recovery programs with mass pest control happening all over the country. Left alone the deer pose a huge threat to NZ’s native bush, destroying plants and disrupting our native bird wild life. To find out more on how deer are … Read Full Post

A little French adventure with the Sony A7

The ski industry has generously given me the most fabulous friends over the years and I am extremely grateful for it. I have some truly inspirational lady friends all over the world and I was able to meet with many of them in France a few weeks back for a French mini break! 7 of us congregated in Capbreton at my great friend Beanie Milne Home (marketing manager for Faction Skis) and her man Xavier De La Rue’s summer pad (thanks SO much for the hospitality guys..) for a blissful 4 days of beach & surf, biking & long boarding, oysters & wine, gelato & shopping. It was as glorious as it sounds.
Camilla Rutherford - BairritzBiarritz surf life
I took along my Sony A7 with Zeizz 24-70mm lens for some fun snaps of my great pals in the sun. Im new to this camera and purchased it recently for this such occasion, for when I would love to have my DSLR with me but don’t want to carry it around as Im on holiday (but still can’t stop myself taking snaps). The Sony A7 is the lightest full frame camera on the market and fits neatly into my hand bag (yes I do … Read Full Post

My home of Scotland :: A travel adventure

I grew up in Scotland, far far away from my now home of Wanaka, New Zealand. I ended up in Wanaka for the skiing when I was 18 and somehow, over the years, I decided to stay. This doesnt mean that Scotland isn’t my home, its just that I choose to have two. Call me selfish but I love these two countries and call them both home. So every year I make the pilgrimage to my Scotland home, visit my family and go exploring in the Highlands.
Edinburgh Royal MileThe Royal Mile, Edinburgh
I grew up near Edinburgh and went to school in the city. These quaint and character filled streets were all so familiar, I would walk by without really noting how wonderful they are. On this trip home I decided to walk the length of the Royal Mile from Hollyrood Palace to Edinburgh Castle, being a tourist in my own city. It was fun noticing all the quirky bits that make Edinburgh such a fun and vibrant city.
Royal Mile, EdinburghThe Royal Mile, looking down towards Hollyrood Palace
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Back country ski course

I was very privileged to be invited by my friends at Adventure Consultants to shoot and participate in their back country ski course, which specializes in ski mountaineering and glacier travel. I took Australian free-skier Nat Segal with me to join in the learning as well as shooting photos of her experience on the course. I am always a fan of improving my knowledge and skills on the mountain, especially when it comes to snow safety and glacier travel. You can never know enough! With Nat’s chosen ski career of climbing and skiing high peaks it was a great way for her to learn too, as well as us both hang out in one of the most beautiful and remarkable places in New Zealand.
Its a bit of a magical mystery tour with Adventure Consultants as they let you know where you are headed the morning the course starts, there are so many amazing options in NZ for incredible big mountain and glacier skiing. Much to my delight they decided to take us to the West Coast and Franz Joseph Glacier. This is such a remarkable place as you fly from the ocean to the glaciers in moments, soaring above native rain forest … Read Full Post

A little trip to Fiji

I had the extreme pleasure of hopping over to Fiji for a 2 day shoot with sports model and stunt woman Catherine Peck from Undercover Glamor. She and her husband had decided to do their nuptials a little differently, on a golden sandy beach far away from anywhere in Fiji. I was to shoot and witness their ceremony in the sun on the stunning island of Malolo and the Likuliku Resort.
Likuliku Lagoon Resort – Island of Malolo, Fiji
Fishy fishy in the shallows. Glorious water in Fiji…
I stuck around for an extra day to shoot some photos of Catherine stand up paddle boarding, swimming and some bikini shots for her portfolio. I also took a few snaps of her husband David spear fishing in the deep blue Pacific Ocean. It was great fun and good practice for me to shoot some underwater stuff, and play with my Outex Waterhousing. Here are some results of our shoot! The water wasn’t as clear as it can be due to spring tide and windy days. Still lovely though! It makes me want to shoot more underwater stuff, very … Read Full Post

The way back home – Upper Mustang, Nepal

This is part two of my photo story on our adventure in Nepal. To start at the beginning (highly recommended) check out the first post: Exploring the Upper Mustang 
The roof of Nepal. This wee dude was so excited to see us in his town of Choser (3916m). This is the last town before Tibet. 
A slow trickle of luke warm water ran over my dust encrusted hair. I was having my first shower (of sorts) in 7 days. I was surprised how little I missed showering, and how it actually felt good to go a bit feral for a while. We weren’t totally scanky as each morning and evening we would be brought a bowl of warm water to wash the essentials in. I got quite used to this and it became something of a ritual.
Tim washing in the morning before breakfast at our camp spot (with grass!!) in Lo Manthang
We were to have a ‘rest day’ in Lo Manthang, and this consisted of riding horses 2 hrs up to the village of Choser, the last village before reaching the border of Tibet (China). … Read Full Post