BASE Jumping the Kaipo Wall – Fiordland

Last week I was fortunate enough to be asked on a trip to Fiordland National Park. This wasn’t going to be the usual touristy sight seeing,  leisurely cruise round the world famous Milford Sound. I was going to photograph some BASE jumpers soar off the biggest vertical cliff in New Zealand, the Kaipo Wall. The 4300ft (1300m) vertical drop spans 1.3Km high by 1.8km wide….This cliff is a monster, but a very beautiful one. The crew I was with were very experienced BASE jumpers. Kiwi’s Alan McCandlish, Benny MacPherson and Aussie Jason Cyran (Triple J) had ‘opened up’ (been the first to do) this jump back in 2008 and they were with us to do it again. On the drive to Milford JJJ and Alan told me incredible tales of their first jump of the Kaipo and how beautiful it is. I was so excited but ridiculously nervous to shoot their jumps from the top. With not the best head for heights, I would have to concentrate hard on not falling off the edge and getting the shot!

Milford Sound under the stars
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Back to The One – BASE time

So after a wicked break over Christmas and New Year with friends, I took the opportunity to go and shoot some more BASE jumping. My friend Si Guthrie is back in Wanaka for a few weeks, and keen for jumping. He headed up to The One, up in Mt Aspiring National Park, by Rob Roy Glacier to camp for 3 days and jump of the massive 1000ft cliff. I headed up on Sunday to see if I could catch him jump and snap a few frames. It was a scorching day, and conditions were perfect. It always takes my breath away how beautiful it is up there. Rob Roy Glacier is a 2 hour walk from Raspberry Flat, 1 hr drive from Wanaka.

‘The One’ is on the left hand side of the picture. BASE jumpers love this jump, as it is perfectly sheer and they can see what the wind is doing thanks to the waterfall. They launch from the lookers right of the waterfall.

The waterfall reaches its destination at the bottom of The One.
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