The story behind Merino wool

I am very lucky to live on a high country Merino sheep station here in Tarras, New Zealand. This farm belongs to my husbands family and they have farmed here for over 100 years, which is a long time in NZ! Every year in the first week of September a big muster happens and the sheep are brought down off the hill and into the woolshed to get their yearly hair cut in time for the hot Central Otago summer. This wool is very carefully removed by highly skilled shearers, who have the very tricky task of removing the precious fibres without harming the wrinkly sheep.
Walking into the woolshed can be a little intimidating, with drum and bass blasting over the sound of the clippers, and a multitude of men and women working tirelessly, each with their own roll making the operation of shearing a sheep like a well oiled machine. This precious wool is sent to Merino New Zealand which is spun and made into Icebreaker clothing, which we all know and love. Merino wool is an incredible fibre; sustainable, warm when wet, cooling when you are too hot and keeps the stink off you. What better fibre to wear … Read Full Post

Sheep shearing and heli skiing

I thought I would share a few snaps with you from my past few weeks adventures. I  have been very busy over the past month and a half with heaps of winter photo jobs on. With two weeks shooting the NZ Winter Games for Getty Images, followed by a photo shoot cat skiing with  Queenstown Snowcats, then straight into shooting the park side of The North Face Freeski Open. Then a wicked heli photo shoot for The North Face, with Harris Mountain Heli and Aspiring Guides. And squeezed in between a catalog park shoot for Atomic! So a bit of time in helicopters and a lot of time in the mountains has made for a good productive winter so far. I thought I would share some slightly abstract areal photography with you, snapped from the chopper as we flew. I love flying over the Kiwi farms, checking out the landscape and stock roaming amongst it!

Flying up the Matukituki River towards Mt Aspiring. I love NZ…

We had such a wicked heli shoot for The North Face. The snow was … Read Full Post

Central Otago summer time….

Just thought I would pop up a few shots quickly on how beautiful Central Otago is looking at the moment. The summer has been wetter than average, and things are looking more luscious and green this summer than they have in years.
Bannockburn Vineyards – Central Otago
At the weekend I headed to The Point, my boyfriends farm in Tarras. We went and spent a night in their hut they have near the top of the high country farm. The view from there is spectacular, looking back over towards Wanaka and the Southern Alps. The rain was pouring down over the mountains.

Looking over towards Wanaka and the Southern Alps
I decided to play around with doing some HDR (high dynamic range) images. This is when you take a series of images, at different exposures, and put them together in photoshop to form one image. It gives a ‘hyper real’ feel to the photo… I have to say that I dont like the effect. It is a bit of a trend at the moment, but I find the images to look to … Read Full Post