Milford Sound paddle board photography adventure

Summer has seemed to slip past me, with so much exciting work on that I didn’t have time to fulfill some of my personal projects I had stashed in the back corner of my brain. When I saw an empty few days in my calendar, along with some beautiful weather I decided to make one of these adventures happen; stand up paddle boarding in Milford Sound… How serene would that be??? Personal projects keep me inspired, and allow me to keep growing as an artist. With nobody to tell you where to be and what to shoot, its up to you to shoot what you want, how you want. This time Milford was my canvas, and my great friend Roo Stanford on her paddle board, my model. Kitted out with some awesome new Mons Royale threads to keep us warm in the cold April air, we were on the 5hr drive to this incredible part of the world deep in Fiordland National Park.
The Road to Milford SoundThe road to Milford Sound, Fiordland National Park, New Zealand
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A Paddle Board adventure on Lake Wanaka

Wanaka seems to breed talent. This tiny South Island town may appear like a quaint holiday destination to many, but under the service you will find a pool of talent that rivals any big city; from photographers, film makers, entrepreneurs, chefs, artists and athletes…. So when I met Stand Up Paddle Board World Champion Annabel Anderson recently, who is from Wanaka, I was fascinated to hear her story and take her out and shoot some photos. After all why not? The best in the world in her home town of Wanaka, whats not to love about that story?
So with some epic weather coming our way we cooked up a plan to journey on our boards to a beach in Lake Wanaka where you can only get to by foot or water. Packing up my dry bag with a tent, sleeping bag and some grub we set off to Damper Bay, one of my favourite spots in Wanaka. I was a little nervous as I’m very new to this sport and we had a hefty 10km to paddle, with gear, up the lake into a what turned into a white cap head wind! this was hard work!
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A little trip to Fiji

I had the extreme pleasure of hopping over to Fiji for a 2 day shoot with sports model and stunt woman Catherine Peck from Undercover Glamor. She and her husband had decided to do their nuptials a little differently, on a golden sandy beach far away from anywhere in Fiji. I was to shoot and witness their ceremony in the sun on the stunning island of Malolo and the Likuliku Resort.
Likuliku Lagoon Resort – Island of Malolo, Fiji
Fishy fishy in the shallows. Glorious water in Fiji…
I stuck around for an extra day to shoot some photos of Catherine stand up paddle boarding, swimming and some bikini shots for her portfolio. I also took a few snaps of her husband David spear fishing in the deep blue Pacific Ocean. It was great fun and good practice for me to shoot some underwater stuff, and play with my Outex Waterhousing. Here are some results of our shoot! The water wasn’t as clear as it can be due to spring tide and windy days. Still lovely though! It makes me want to shoot more underwater stuff, very … Read Full Post