Life’s greatest adventure

Welcome to my shiny new re-jigged website! A lot has changed in the past year, so with that I thought so should my website with a fresh new look and an announcement that I’m officially back into doing multi day shoots!!
So you may, or may not, have noticed that I’ve been a bit quiet of late. It turns out that I’ve embarked on life’s greatest adventure. Becoming a parent… I managed to do photoshoots up until I was just over 8 months pregnant, which proved pretty challenging toward the end, I think I took for granted how much I move when shooting photos. I had to turn down a bunch of fun shoots which I found extremely hard, both when being way too¬†pregnant, and having a new born bubba. But my priorities began to change as I transitioned into the worlds hardest job, being a mum.
Big Mumma
Big Mumma… 38 weeks pregnant.
On the 14th January 2016, our son Alfie was born and changed everything. They say that anything¬†worth doing is never easy and that is certainly true of … Read Full Post