My home of Scotland :: A travel adventure

I grew up in Scotland, far far away from my now home of Wanaka, New Zealand. I ended up in Wanaka for the skiing when I was 18 and somehow, over the years, I decided to stay. This doesnt mean that Scotland isn’t my home, its just that I choose to have two. Call me selfish but I love these two¬†countries and call them both home. So every year I make the pilgrimage to my Scotland home,¬†visit my family and go exploring in the Highlands.
Edinburgh Royal MileThe Royal Mile, Edinburgh
I grew up near Edinburgh and went to school in the city. These quaint and character filled streets were all so familiar, I would walk by without really noting how wonderful they are. On this trip home I decided to walk the length of the Royal Mile from Hollyrood Palace to Edinburgh Castle, being a tourist in my own city. It was fun noticing all the quirky bits that make Edinburgh such a fun and vibrant city.
Royal Mile, EdinburghThe Royal Mile, looking down towards Hollyrood Palace
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