A Paddle Board adventure on Lake Wanaka

Wanaka seems to breed talent. This tiny South Island town may appear like a quaint holiday destination to many, but under the service you will find a pool of talent that rivals any big city; from photographers, film makers, entrepreneurs, chefs, artists and athletes…. So when I met Stand Up Paddle Board World Champion Annabel Anderson recently, who is from Wanaka, I was fascinated to hear her story and take her out and shoot some photos. After all why not? The best in the world in her home town of Wanaka, whats not to love about that story?
So with some epic weather coming our way we cooked up a plan to journey on our boards to a beach in Lake Wanaka where you can only get to by foot or water. Packing up my dry bag with a tent, sleeping bag and some grub we set off to Damper Bay, one of my favourite spots in Wanaka. I was a little nervous as I’m very new to this sport and we had a hefty 10km to paddle, with gear, up the lake into a what turned into a white cap head wind! this was hard work!
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Air New Zealand – behind the scenes photo-shoot at Treble Cone, Wanaka

Last week I was asked to shoot some behind the scenes photos for Air New Zealand on a film project they were shooting. Over the winter months in New Zealand they have been releasing short films about how good the skiing is here, with the campaign being called ‘Meanwhile in New Zealand…’ with the aim of getting Austrailians over the ditch to ski and snowboard our fantastic mountains. This film was shot at Treble Cone in Wanaka and was released this week.  It is such a clever take on two of New Zealand’s favourite sports, skiing and rugby! The film was shot by the team at Diaries Down Under and drone footage by Heli Optics at Colab Creative.

Meanwhile in New Zealand… 
It was so fun to shoot behind the scenes photos on this shoot. As with most commercial shoots we were up at sparrows fart to start the long days shooting.
The sunrise view from Treble Cone looking over Lake WanakaThe sunrise view from Treble Cone looking over Lake Wanaka
Lake Wanaka at first light from Treble ConeLake Wanaka at first light from Treble Cone
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Lake Wanaka Tourism photoshoot – Wilkin River

Last week I did a photo shoot for Lake Wanaka Tourism at the breathtakingly stunning Wilkin River and Siberia Valley. Wilkin River Jets took us where we needed to go with their jet boats and helicopter, you cant really fail to have a good time with a jet boat and a chopper! I had been looking forward to this shoot for a while and finally the right, clear sunny day was apon us and with a flurry of last minute organising to rally up the models, clothing (thanks to Icebreaker for supplying clothing) , food and a game plan we were ready to do it… With a good crew of people up for modeling, Darvs as our easygoing heli pilot, Danielle and Hayden behind the wheel of the jet boats, blue skies, everything was teed up to be a cracker of a day…

Wilkin River jet boating…
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Motatapu Triathlon – Lake Wanaka

Motatapu Triathlete swimming through glassy Lake Wanaka
I was asked to shoot the Motatapu Triathlon on Saturday, by race organisers Iconic Adventures. This is the first ever triathlon held as part of the massive Motatapu Race, which thousands of cross country mountain bikers and runners compete in each year, through a stunning piece of private land from the shores of Lake Wanaka through to Arrowtown, near Queenstown.
The triathlete option was open to a very limited number of people, as it was the first year of running. The race started with a 2km swim in Lake Wanaka at the stunning glassy Glendhu Bay, followed by a 47km cross country mountain bike ride through the Motatapu to Arrowtown, finishing up with a 15km run on the Miners Trail…. I shot photos of them doing their swim, as well as the 2000 mountain bikers leaving for the race. Just thought I would show you a few photos…

Triathletes getting ready

Warming up…
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Revealing Lake Wanaka – A film about me by Tim Pierce

A client of mine, Lake Wanaka Tourism, has commissioned local filmer Tim Pierce to make a series of short films on people who live and work in our wonderful wee town of Wanaka, NZ. This months film was on myself. Tim has done an amazing job, check it out here.

Mt Roy overnight photo project, Lake Wanaka

The weather has not been the most settled this summer, and when I saw a couple of fine days lining up for the end of last week, I decided to do something that has been on the list for quite some time. I managed to recruit a couple of good friends to accompany me on my mission. The mission was to climb Mt Roy, a 1580m peak, which looks over our township of Wanaka, and sleep out at the top. From this very popular tourist walk you get 360 degree views of Lake Wanaka, Mt Aspiring and the Southern Alps. I wanted to shoot photos of the sunset, the stars over Wanaka and the sunrise the next morning. The weather was still and calm, and the skies blue. Perfect.
With my rather heavy F-Stop camera bag laden with camera, lenses and tripod, as well as water and food, sleeping bag and roll mat, extra clothes and essentials, it was a fair old slog up 1300 vertical meters to the top. However the views were not to disappoint.

Looking up over West Wanaka to the Matukituki Valley and Mt Aspiring
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