The next step…

I’m embarrassed to see that it was around this time (2 years ago!) that I last wrote a post and updated my work. Anyone who is a parent can sympathise with why. Since last time I wrote on this website so much has happened. We have renovated a whole house on the farm, all while being pregnant, moved house and welcomed our second son into the family and we couldn’t be happier. I was able to do a lot of shoots after my first son was born, I spent a fair amount of time away from him, on the road on shoots. I also spent a decent amount of time at home with him, which is where Im privileged in my profession to pick and chose the jobs I take on.

I have come to realise what a juggling balancing act being a parent is. Spending enough time with my children as well as spending enough time working on my passion as a photographer as its what I do and is part of me. I have learnt what it is to be a mother, it comes with huge sacrifices and a decent side helping of guilt as you spread yourself thin across the three areas of your life. Mother. Wife. Work. Can we have it all? Im still working on it but it is darn hard and a narrow tight rope that you can easily fall off at any given time. My second son is nearly 10 months old now and Im back taking on away from home shoots. I have been taking on local shoots since April but have my first week long job at the end of the month. I cant wait but Im also dreading being away from my babies at the same time. Bitter sweet.

So I thought I would re-introduce myself back into the world of commercial photography by sharing some of my personal work of family life. Incidentally, one of my photos, a very intimate shot of my son and his father in the bath has become a finalist in the NZ Geographic Photographer of the Year 2018. Take a look at the rest of the fabulous finalists and vote for your favourite here. This is my photo.


My husband and son in the bath.
At the maternity hospital the morning after my second son was born
Meeting his big brother

New born bliss
The boys. So big so fast…